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Den Haag

Get Involved

Working Towards a Better Future

We do not achieve the Sustainable Development Goals alone. In The Hague there are many organisations, initiatives and individuals that contribute to a better future for 2030. And that figure is growing every day!

SDG initiatives

Contribute as Group

Is your organization in The Hague and working on the SDGs and should be featured on this website? Or are you participating in an initiative in the city that contributes to the SDGs? Do you have SDG related news that is suitable as a news item on this website?

Then please go to share your initiatives and fill up the form. Our editors will view your contribution and then add it to the website. In this way, we can continue to inform and inspire each other.

SDG initiatives

Contribute as Individual

Would you like to contribute but don't know where to start? Please have a look at the various SDGs and their related initiatives on this website. Here you can see what is happening in The Hague for each SDG. Be inspired by the organizations, initiatives, and news items and get in touch with others who want to work together towards a better world.

Share your initiative for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) because every small action contributes to the monumental task of creating a better world for present and future generations.