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The Hague Municipality - Team Diversity and Inclusion

1 September 2022

In The Hague there are a lot of different people of different backgrounds and lifestyles. All these differences between people, whether visible or invisible, can be called diversity. It is important that the diversity in the city is represented within the municipality. This enables the organization to speak the language of the city and to recognize the wishes and needs of its inhabitants. By doing so, it is made sure that the decisions and the way help is provided to inhabitants, are more inclusive. Diversity goes hand in hand with inclusion. It is important that all employees, how big their differences may be, can be themselves and feel safe in the workplace. In this way, the results for the city are achieved in a productive and creative way.

The Team Diversity and Inclusion dedicates itself to ensure that the municipality of The Hague has a diverse workforce and is and remains committed to being an inclusive employer. Because winning on the outside means beginning on the inside!

There are different initiatives in place in order to achieve goals concerned with equal opportunities and safety in the workplace. For example, interventions that help realize a representative workforce, policies that promote equal opportunities and equality, and instruments that promote discussion and awareness around the topic. In this way, it’s ensured that everyone counts and can get involved – women and men, young people, people with a disability, people with a migration background, and so on. This contributes to SDG 5, 8, and 10.  

The organization becomes more diverse and inclusive. With this motivation in mind, the commitment to continue that growth remains high. Together it is possible to achieve a lot!