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Vrouw stalt fiets op brug Den Haag

SDG 13: Climate Action

Take Urgent Action to Combat Climate Change and Its Impact

SDG 13 calls for urgent action to combat climate change and its impact by reducing global warming. It is important that countries can protect themselves against natural disasters and that the consequences of climate-related disasters can be adequately dealt with. This can be done by, among other things, adding climate-related measures to national policies, but also by increasing knowledge about climate change.

SDG 13 The Hague climate action
Policy, Initiatives and Organizations

How The Hague Contributes

The Hague aims to be climate neutral in 2030. The Hague is one of the 100 cities committed to the European Commission's mission for climate neutral and smart cities by 2030. The municipality is also taking other measures, such as clean mobility, more green spaces in the city and the reuse of waste. In the Sustainability Memorandum you can read more about the plans of the municipality, as well as on the municipality's website.

Initiatives in The Hague

Urban Agriculture The Hague

Actively getting started with urban farming is not only fun, it also has positive effects on your health. Research indicates that the color green has a positive effect on humans. Working in a vegetable garden provides physical exercise and mental relaxation, while you can enjoy the fresh air. And last but not least, people gain a lot of social contacts when they are involved in an urban agriculture initiative. They can show their qualities and also gain work experience.

Did you know that allotments are not the only form of urban agriculture? There are also neighborhood gardens, urban beekeepers and urban farms. Read more about urban agriculture here.

Duurzaam Den Haag

Duurzaam Den Haag (Sustainable The Hague) dreams of a city where the air is clean, the environment green, where all energy is generated sustainably and a heavy rain shower does not directly lead to flooding. A city without natural gas and without electricity from fossil fuels. A sustainable city where people are trying the best they can in terms of ecological and social challenges. The Hague as a wonderful city to live, also for future generations.

Den Haag klimaatneutraal 2030

The Hague is one of 100 cities participating in the EU mission for climate neutral and smart cities by 2030. Read more about this mission here.