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Zeewier kweken in de Noordzee

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns

SDG 12 focuses on 'producing more with less' and should ensure more sustainable consumption and production patterns. This means that food waste must be greatly reduced and that raw materials must be used more sustainably. The use of polluting energy sources is being scaled back and more thought is given to sustainability, reducing waste production and ultimately creating environmentally sound management of waste throughout the chain.

SDG 12 The Hague responsible consumption and production
Policy, Initiatives and Organizations

How The Hague Contributes

In the Hague, work is being done in various fields to make production and consumption patterns more sustainable. The municipality wants as little waste as possible and works on waste sorting. In that way, resources can be reused. In the 'Grondstoffenplan' is stated how the municipality wants to achieve this. The focus is on recycling and upcycling. The project 'PlastiCity' is all about giving plastic waste a second life. Next to that we separate bread leftovers in the city and with the programme 'Upcycle Your Waste' we make new materials out of commercial waste. 

Initiatives in The Hague


Lekkernassûh is a community of people working together based on a vision for a fair, local food system in and around The Hague. Read more about Lekkernassûh here

Exhibition - Waste: In the Past, Present and in the (Near) Future

In the past, the reuse of waste was quite normal, but nowadays waste is too often not reused. Waste and reuse through the ages is what the exhibition Waste: In the past, present and in the (near) future is about. Read more about this exhibition here. 

Urban Agriculture The Hague

Actively getting started with urban farming is not only fun, it also has positive effects on your health. Research indicates that the color green has a positive effect on humans. Working in a vegetable garden provides physical exercise and mental relaxation, while you can enjoy the fresh air. And last but not least, people gain a lot of social contacts when they are involved in an urban agriculture initiative. They can show their qualities and also gain work experience.

Did you know that allotments are not the only form of urban agriculture? There are also neighborhood gardens, urban beekeepers and urban farms. Read more about urban agriculture here


SWAPS is a used clothing store with an exchange concept. For every item you turn in, you get to take home a “new” item. In this way SWAPS wants to contribute to the sustainable fashion industry. Read more about SWAPS The Hague here.

Den Haag Werkt

Den Haag Werkt helps residents with a distance to the labor market find suitable work. Read more about Den Haag Werkt here.

Haagse Honing en Haags Zaad

Haagse Honing is a small apiary and the basic principle is to garden ecologically. It sells honey as well as seeds for flowers and plants. Read more about Haagse Honing and Haags Zaad here.