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‘Schoon, doen we toch gewoon?’ ('Clean, let's just do it') - stories of the people who keep The Hague clean

7 February 2023

With the campaign "Schoon, dat doen we toch gewoon?" the municipality of The Hague focuses on the stories of all the people who are working to keep the city clean. Not only street sweepers and garbage collectors, but also the people who care about their neighborhood and roll up their sleeves in their free time.

Inspire and inform

'Schoon, doen we toch gewoon?’ is an approach that contributes to several SDGs such as clean water, a sustainable city, life below water and life on land. The campaign focuses on all types of litter, in different places in the city. Think of trash put next to containers, but also litter on the beach, in the parks, at schools and at stores. Every day lots of people are working to keep the city clean.

By highlighting enthusiastic Hague residents, the campaign inspires them to take action themselves. For example, the video series 'Afvalaanpakkers' and the story platform 'Haagse Handen' provide background stories of citizens of The Hague, initiatives and street sweepers who are committed to a clean city. In addition, the 'Afvalpuntjes' videos provide necessary background information and education. Each episode focuses on a different The Hague waste topic. It also includes tips on how to deal with your waste and how we can keep the city clean together.


‘Schoon, doen we toch gewoon?’ organizes actions and campaigns to reach and educate as many The Hague citizens as possible. During the Clean Neighborhood Action, which takes place twice a year, the municipality supports, facilitates and promotes local clean-up actions. These include handing out waste pegs and organizing activities such as plogging (jogging + 'picking up' litter), supping and picking up litter or a tour by a forester.

In the summer of 2022, a SUP action was organized to clean up The Hague's canals. Interested parties could use a SUP board for free and fish litter out of The Hague's waters. The action was a great success and raised awareness of the effects of litter in the water.


Meer informatie

Zo voorkom je overlast van meeuwen

'Schoon, doen we toch gewoon?' is een campagne van gemeente Den Haag. Het vertelt de verhalen van mensen die bezig zijn om de stad schoon te houden. Van straatvegers tot aan vuilnisophalers, maar ook mensen die geven om hun eigen buurt en zelf de handen uit de mouwen steken. Mensen waar we trots op zijn!